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Going Green


The West Highland Hotel is continually looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint within the hotel and are one of thousands of businesses who are taking steps to reduce environmental impact through the Green Tourism Scheme.

Our aim is to ensure we do as much as we can to help the environment and we are always happy to receive suggestions on how we can improve, so please speak to a member of staff if you have any suggestions while you are staying with us. This year we implemented a Biomass boiler which has significantly reduced our carbon footprint.

We are currently going through the Green Tourism Award assessment and are looking to achieve a Silver award with the steps we have taken over the last 12 months to reduce our carbon footprint.

West Highland Hotel Responsible Visitor Charter

Composter  – at the beginning of 2017 we installed our commercial composter ‘Ryman’ with support from Zero waste Scotland.  This takes all our food waste and converts it to compost, which we will be donating to the local primary school for their Polly tunnel project.

Give the Car a Rest – the village of Mallaig village is only a few minutes walk away and you can find a number of activities there. Also we have public transport in the form of buses, trains and ferries. We are happy to let you know timetables of these if you ask at reception. There are also some lovely local walks in the area we have listed these on our website or you can ask a member of staff for details.

Conserve Energy – we want you to be comfortable during your stay at the hotel, when you are not in your room please switch off lights, television, mobile device chargers and turn down or switch off heating and ensure windows are closed.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – we actively recycle and use our local bottle bank for glass and our council recycle bins for paper, plastic and tin. If you have waste which can be re-used or recycled please put into the recycle bin in your room and we can ensure it is appropriately recycled.

Be Water Wise! – we provide tea making facilities in your room please only boil the amount of water you need for your tea or coffee. Also, please turn the tap off while brushing teeth. If you do not need your towels changed each day please hang them back on the towel rail to dry and re-use. If you require towels to be replaced please leave them in the bath tub. This saves on water and detergent..positive for the environment. We also offer a mutually beneficial scheme, offering restaurant discounts to those who forgo their room being serviced. You will find a notice to hang on your door by 12pm – a member of staff will slide a 5 restaurant token under your door if you choose to take this option.

Respect Nature – please help us look after our beautiful landscape, marine and wildlife by putting your litter in a rubbish or recycle and not leaving it behind. Please also remember when using designated walks or cycle paths in our area to keep to the paths which help our wildlife remain undisturbed. Please follow the Countryside Code whilst enjoying our local attractions.

Shop Local – as much as possible, we use local produce, suppliers and shops. We have an amazing array of local produce and services, be it food, seafood, arts and crafts, knitwear, transport and activities. Supporting this helps the local community and encourages investment in the area. We encourage you to explore the local products and services during your stay with us. 

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